Healthcare for Cats

ACTLC’s preemptive health care for cats offers a complete physical examination administered by our veterinarians. To establish a complete profile of your cat’s health, the examination will include blood tests, internal and external parasite screenings, immunizations, and a dietary assessment. Based on factors such as your cat’s breed, physical condition, lifestyle, and previous immunization history, we will form a treatment plan that is tailored to your pet’s individual needs which may include vaccinations against contagious diseases.

We also monitor your pet’s weight so that we can recommend modifications in diet or physical activity if needed.  During the annual wellness exam we may discuss weight management guidelines with you, a healthy body weight is important for your cat to have a long and healthy life.

If this is your first visit with us, we ask that you bring in a copy of your cat’s previous records, also please have your cat in a carrier for their safety. Please call us to schedule an appointment or to request more information today at 904-363-2005.