Nutrition & Diet

Your pet’s diet has a huge impact on his or her overall health.  Dogs or cats that are overweight or underweight can be more susceptible to disease and injury that those that maintain a healthy figure.  For example, obesity is a complicating factor in heart conditions, arthritis, liver conditions and other ailments.  The most successful outcomes in veterinarian-recommended weight management programs are achieved through compliance and follow ups.  (i.e., visits, weigh-ins and telephone consultations).  Please call us to schedule an appointment if you would like more information about your pet’s weight and health.

It can be difficult to decide which food is right for your pet’s diet, especially with so many different types on the market to choose from.  Our team of veterinarians are available for nutritional counseling to assist you in choosing the right product to suit your dog or cat’s nutritional needs.  Dietary evaluations are also made during our wellness exams, which we recommend that you schedule at least two times a year for your pet.  For your convenience, our hospital also stocks prescription foods from Hills Science Diet.