Surgical Services

Our team is trained to provide a number of safe general surgical procedures for you dog or cat.  Some of the operations we perform include spaying and neutering, growth removals, soft tissue surgery, and laceration repair.

Before we begin any operation, we conduct a series of diagnostic screenings to analyze your pets bloodwork to determine if it is safe to give your pet anesthesia.  We also consider any pre-existing conditions that should be addressed before any surgical procedure.  Our on-site laboratory allows us to have the results back for many of these tests within 20 minutes.  All animals that undergo surgery have their heart rate and rhythm, and blood oxygen levels monitored before, during and after any surgical procedure.

Following your dog or cat’s operation, our staff is trained to perform a number of therapy techniques that will ease pain and promote faster recovery, complementing pain relief medication.  ACTLC also has on-call veterinarians that can provide short-term patient monitoring in our boarding facility if your pet needs extra time to recover before being taken home.

AT ACTLC we offer pre-emptive pain management that prevents “wind-up” and allows your pet to have a safe and comfortable transition from surgery. Pre-emptive pain management can include narcotics, non-narcotics, and NSAIDS.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the procedures offered, or our hospital’s protocols.  We are happy to provide you the information to make you feel comfortable with your pet’s upcoming surgical procedure.